The 'Dimensions&Perspectives' t shirt is our first product to receive proof of authenticity through an NFT: Our OG NFT. The OG NFT certifies the Studio Amber origin of your T-Shirt and makes you the legitimate owner of the garment. In addition, holders of our first-ever published NFT will receive certain benefits now and in the future. The OG NFT is 1 of 4 items included in our 'Phygital Fashion Package', which is limited to 200 pieces.



1. OG NFT holders receive 1 NFT of every following project for free.

2. OG NFT holders receive a guaranteed whitelist spot for upcoming projects.

3. OG NFT holders are invited to 'Secret Club' & get regular surprises.

4. OG NFT holders receive access to monthly idea exchange call w/ founders.

5. NFT OG holders receive 30% discount on all 'pure physical' launches.


Since many people in our community  support either Lukso or Ethereum, we decided to give you the choice which blockchain your Studio Amber NFT will be based on. In total, there will be 200 NFTs available between the two blockchains. We are excited to discover which blockchain will mint the most NFTs!

Click the button below to watch our 'Dimensions&Perspectives' 3D object teaser video.

3D object teaser video


Holders of the OG NFT become members of the 'Secret Club of Amber' and can actively participate in the company's development. An extra domain was created for the holders, where they are provided with information. They can access the website by placing the physical token next to your smartphone.