Even though Studio Amber has delved into the depths of the digital fashion world, our garments are still physically available. We do not exclusively design digital fashion, but merge physical and digital worlds of fashion.

Therefore 1 of 4 contents of our 'Phygital Fashion Package' will be the 'Dimensions&Perspectives' t-shirt as a physical product. In addition to the physical product, you will receive an NFT to certify the authenticity of the garment, a physical token with NFC technology that will direct you to your NFT when placed next to your smartphone and a Decentraland Wearable of the 'Dimensions&Perspective' shirt.

In addition, we are working on the implementation of AR body tracking filters so you can wear the shirt digitally via Instagram and Snapchat.



The 'Dimensions&Perspectives' T-Shirt reflects the future of fashion with its distinctive backprint. According to Studio Amber's philosophy, we'll more often deal with physical fashion in combination with digital fashion in the future. The fusion of these worlds brings insights into new dimensions and gives us different perspectives on conventional fashion as we know it today. Despite the implementation of digital fashion, our garments are still sustainably and fairly produced.

If you want to get a deeper insight into our work and the 'Dimensions&Perspectives' t shirt, click the button below and watch our photo shooting teaser video!