About us


We are Studio Amber, a young, sustainable fashion label from Cologne, Germany. Our pieces combine high-class streetwear design with high quality and sustainable production standards. Basically, we release collections several times a year in strictly limited numbers. Studio Amber = "young, deliberate, special"


We dream of a world in which human rights are rigorously enforced all over the world. This applies to exploitative working conditions in the textile industry and equally to discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, skin color, language or other sources of discrimination. There is no place for such things within Studio Amber - we want to establish this standard everywhere.

We also make sure that we use mostly environmentally friendly materials, e.g. our sweatshirts are made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. From our point of view, we cannot bring a product onto the market that harms this earth more than it does it good.


Two founders are behind Studio Amber: Carol and Joel from Cologne, Germany. In addition, we are supported in this by a large number of friends and acquaintances who also believe in our vision. Our goal is to make attractive, sustainable fashion for our own kind. We are just at the beginning of our journey. Join in and let us do something big here!