Social commitment

For our FALL 2021 Drop we would like to donate 5€ per shirt and 10€ per sweatshirt to the charity AGISRA e.V.

Agisra stands for "Working Group against International and Racist Exploitation". Agisra supports migrant women who find themselves in violent circumstances and are affected by sexism, racism and other mechanisms of oppression. Agisra's central demands are human rights for migrant and refugee women and the legal and social equality of migrant women in society.

From Studio Amber's point of view, no human being should experience oppression in any form. Our brand stands for freedom, self-determination and a strong commitment to equality of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, religion or any other source of discrimination. We think Agisra's work is very admirable. Therefore, we believe it is of tremendous importance to support Agisra on his/her mission and donate a substantial portion of our profit per item to the organization.

If you have any more questions around our donation model, feel free to write us at